Sales promotions play a critical role in garnering more customers to your e-commerce store. However, marking down prices and publicizing a sales event are two of the biggest challenges e-commerce website owners face. Statistically, 50% of customers buy products and services after reading, watching or attending a sales promotion event. Shoppers today take quality time to ensure they get the best possible deal before they buy. And so business owners should indulge in rigorous sales promotions if they hope to increase revenue, and they must have a good website store hosting solution to be able to manage any marketing strategy.

These tips will help you and your sales team to plan your sales promotion campaigns effectively:

Choose particular incentives to promote to your e-commerce platforms’ sales

SSales promotions come in a wide range of forms and shapes. The most important thing, however, is to align your sales promotions with your customer needs. You can utilize a tool like Customer Analytics to discover your customer needs. With this tool, you’ll get to know the kinds of sales promotions suited to your target audience. The tool brings you the buying behavior of your target audience based on their search engine searches and social comments. After you’ve determined your target audience’s characteristics, device a sales promotion campaign based on those characteristics. You will find that your sales promotion converts a lot more than blanket marketing campaigns.

Include cross-selling when planning your e-commerce platform’s sales promotions

Cross-selling is the act of pushing other products related to the primary product on offer. Statistically, cross-sales attributes to 30% of e-commerce websites’ sales, which means using this technique can dramatically increase your online store sales. Cross-selling makes customers’ work easier if they are looking for alternative products. They won’t have to scavenge your e-commerce platforms to find those alternatives. Your sales promotion strategy should include cross-selling, which means listing out alternative products from the main promotion product. Case in point: If your e-commerce website deals with Smartphones, your promotion should include Smartphone accessories such as charging cables, phone cases, and Bluetooth earbuds.

Increase your e-commerce websites’ engagement

Ramp up sales promotions with engagement. You can achieve this by leveraging social media and topping off with email campaigns. This additional hype can get many people to get interested in your promotions. According to research, people today like to hang out on social media platforms, especially Facebook. In fact, they spend an average of 50 minutes per day on social media. Create a business page for your brand on Facebook. Hire salespeople to engage your followers with great posts to promote sales. You can even solicit the services of influencers in the industry to be your brand evangelists.
Also, including user-generated content is another smart way to attract prospects to your e-commerce platforms. User-generated content comes from customers who have used your products or services. They post precisely how they perceived your products, including pros and cons. It’s an efficient way to increase your e-commerce sales since customers tend to believe other customers’ opinions than a company’ product descriptions or a random salesperson pitching a company’s products.

Initiate customer loyalty programs to boost your e-commerce website’s sales

According to the National Retail Federation, repeat customers spend about 66% more than new customers. So it’s only natural to initiate programs that will ensure they continually buy from your brand. Customer loyalty programs can help you to achieve this. Customer loyalty programs include offering great discounts to return customers. For example, you can provide 5% to 10% discount on any items they purchase. You can also include gifts for their purchases. All this helps to reinforce the good relationship with your repeat customers.


Your e-commerce website’s success will largely depend on the level of marketing you deploy. With competition in the e-commerce space getting stiffer and stiffer each day, you need to be in your A game to be competitive. So ensure you use the strategies above to plan your e-commerce platform’s sales promotion..