A Step-By-Step Guide for Opening an Online Store

Let’s be clear – if you have never opened an online store before, the process can be a little bit difficult. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have special knowledge to get involved in a venture like this. On the contrary – all you have to do is to get familiar with a few simple steps.

Register a domain

If you want to create an online store, you should start by registering a domain name. If it’s possible to opt for a .com domain extension and choose a name that is related to your business and/or niche.

Create a website

Obviously, the next step is to create a website. Our recommendation is to use one of the many sophisticated eCommerce software solutions. There are many platforms where you can find different templates that can be customized according to your needs and desires. Needless to say, you can also hire a professional web designer, give him your requirements and wait for the results.

Web hosting

After that, you must choose a web hosting service provider. Select one that gives a decent amount of disk space and bandwidth. Some of them are offering unlimited bandwidth which is definitely the best option. No matter which hosting plan you select, make sure that it is possible to upgrade it without any hassles in the future. Additionally, look for a provider that has 27/4 support.

Add the products

In case you have a long list of products, you should probably create an Excel sheet where you will include basic information about each product like name, image, size, price, taxes (if any), shipping fees and stock keeping unit number.

Payment methods

People who are interested in your products will have to use some payment method to purchase a product. Generally speaking, almost every online store today allows payments by credit and debit card. But, it would be even better if you allow payment via popular online processors like PayPal or Skrill for example.

Checking your online store

When the online store is created and the products are added, you should check the work of your online store. Put yourself in a position of a buyer and complete the checkout process. Check whether everything is working in the right way.

Start promoting your online store

No matter how great your online store looks and how practical it is, you won’t witness any positive effects if there is no traffic. Use high-quality content, SEO, PPC advertising, article marketing and other methods to drive traffic to your website.